Honest mums

I’ve read quite a few blogs and articles recently about honest parenting; the apparent backlash to all those perfect parent posts that give an appearance of easy, gourmet, organic parenting. My favourite recently is the wonderful Honest Toddler.

The Honest Toddler is a hilarious Twitter feed turned blog and book franchise created by Bunmi Laditan, a mum of three, who has also blogged for the Huffington Post.

Amongst much hilarity, as written by the eponymous toddler, Laditan also has a Facebook page where she posts photos of the meals she has spent hours creating for her kids and their disgusted or disinterested responses. So far, so postmodern mum. But where Honest Toddler differs is in the descriptions of her posts, specifically when she has NOT crafted a perfect, gluten-free, Gwyneth Paltrow-worthy feast. For example, she recently posted a photo of what looked like a takeaway (possibly KFC),but described it as ‘organic, free-range, rescue chickens who communicated to me in chicken language that they wanted to die to nourish my children.. .I coated them in gluten-free almond meal and probiotics before baking them on a tray lightly sprayed with coconut oil and colostrum… Those aren’t fries, they are rutabaga spears from my garden, lightly fried in peanut oil from my peanut grove… ‘

I love her. So simple yet so daring at the same time. It really is very brave as a mum, to present to the world of social media a face that isn’t perfect and idyllic.

I have read that she is in a legal battle with Jessica Alba’s Honest Company over the right to the name. I really hope it comes to an amicable conclusion because ultimately, unless you have Jessica Alba’s life, wealth and privilege, there really is nothing honest or relatable in her company. Not in any way like Bunmi Laditan.


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