7 Deadly Syns

I recently joined Slimming World, about a month and nearly a stone ago, and its relatively easy to follow with proven results if you stick to plan. What I’ve found damn near impossible to do, however, is keep within my daily Syn limit. I’m allowed quite a few (between 5-15 a day) and I have already cut out some delicious but problematic little Syn-heavy delights – such as cheese and chocolate – as I found out I have an aversion to lactose. But now I am really struggling to, well, eat badly.

I fill up on free food and I’m rarely hungry but I need to graze and I have mostly sweet teeth so I’m starting to dream about all the things I ate pre-diet (Before Slimming World or BSW) but never truly indulged in. What a fool I was to not go really CRAZY and binge on blue cheese and chocolates and BUTTER… mmmm… butter… before I signed up! So because misery loves company,  I thought I’d share what I consider the major threats in a list where I can both mock and pine them…

  • Toffee – This is an obviously naughty one. No one should eat too much toffee but I’m finding myself craving it. It’s a constant itch that 3 pots of Mullerlight toffee yogurt on a caramel Snackajack doesn’t begin to scratch. Not that I should eat that either, lactose and all that, but needs must.
  • Wine – Naturally. A small glass of lower percentage white wine might take the edge off a wine craving but even that would take up the majority of a day’s Syns. And to be honest, sometimes you just want a beautiful bowl of blood red wine as dark as your soul and twice as large.
  • Crackers – a couple of Ryvita is only 3 Syns or there’s always Melba Toast I suppose. Really I just want half a pack of cheap and cheerful cream crackers, with or without Primula, the foodstuff of the Gods.
  • Bread – This is a real toughy. Soda bread, sourdough toast dripping in butter, doorstop sandwiches, baguette, granary, poppyseed… an endless list of desires. Frustrated desires.
  • Lattes – I run on coffee. And lattes made from lactose-free milk were my mid-afternoon treat that each comprise about 3 day’s Syns… Sob.
  • Sweets/candy – Starburst, Maoam, Tootie Frooties, Chewits, all the sweets I would NEVER allow Arthur to eat… oh Christ, they call to me… He has to be healthy and eat well but I DON’T. I WANT CANDY.
  • Granola – This one is particularly cruel because granola is one of those foods that is seemingly good for you. It’s a healthy sounding, normally ‘healthy’ tasting (i.e. flavourless) food that TRICKS DIETERS! A Starbucks granola bar, a go-to if you’re in a hurry and eating healthily, because it’s obviously better than that marmite and cheese toastie, is 24 Syns. Yeah. 2 days worth in one hastily grabbed snack bar. The bastards.

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